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Episode Twenty-Three: Too Many Antagonists Spoil the Plot

Episode Twenty-Three: Too Many Antagonists Spoil the Plot

No wind.

Not even a slight breeze.

The creaks and groans of the ornate galleon rang out like gunshots in the still air. The crew, hopeless, lolled about the deck. Death was inevitable.

“Water, water everywhere…” Croaked a leather-faced grizzle, his tongue too swollen to finish the verse.

Had it been a year? Two? It was like time had stood still.

Suddenly, a large, dark object flopped onto the…

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Why don't you like the new wargs? Because they're like smoothed-out wolves? from apollyna


Because there’s no discernible anatomy!  They look like the archetypal “evil” wolf, but drawn by someone who hasn’t actually taken the time to study the real thing:


…I get what they were going for, I’ve read about the artist’s motivations, but the execution still leaves something to be desired.  The weird rectangular planes of the face, the inexplicable facial muscles and superstructure, the pointlessly monochromatic/”one pile fits all” fur.  DAT JAWLINE.

Wolves can be so weird and interesting and unexpected- it seems a shame to throw that out the window for something that looks like, well, nothing.  Forgettable.  At least the hyena-wargs in the first trilogy had something to say!  They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but they were definitely unique.


She gets me.





20 Historic Black and White Photos Colorized

This is beautiful.

You are lying to yourself if you don’t think that Nikola Tesla was a total babe. I guess you could say that his looks were…


Oh my god, I thought these were stills from some historical period film not actual colorized photos! 8UUUUUU